Aspen Coaching

Aspen Coaching is a collective of Movement Coaches based in Perth, Western Australia. Their primary focus is to educate and help students strengthen their body, acquire new skills, relieve any exisiting pain, and prevent any future damage to the body that may not already be apparent.

Aspen and I worked collaboratively to produce a range of content intended to both establish their presence and familiarise potential clients with their services and coaches. These works included interview-type videos to introduce each individual coach, recap videos for past events, images for social media and blog posts, motion graphics specifically for Instagram Stories, and print media for advertising.

Being the primary producer of media content for Aspen Coaching ensures that all digital impressions on their audience are consistent – and therefore, recognisable. This is exceptionally important with regards to social media, where you must¬†compete with other businesses, brands, and organisations for reach and engagement. This ability to appear familiar and approachable is invaluable in today’s online world, especially within the health and fitness industry.

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