Ninja Academy

Hidden in Osborne Park, Ninja Academy is a large training facility for athletes who specialise in disciplines that some would consider uncommon. With areas to entertain Traceurs, Climbers, Trickers, Movement Training students, and Obstacle Training enthusiasts, Ninja Academy encourages total beginners and more experienced athletics to get involved in their offerings.

Ninja Academy hosts a range of ongoing classes, and occasionally runs large events for their Ninja Challenge obstacle course. Since opening their doors in November of 2015, they’ve required creative video and photo coverage of multiple events, promotional videos for their classes, and a promotional video for their facility intended for cinema advertising distribution.

In December 2015, one month after they opened their doors, Ninja Academy hosted their first ever Ninja Challenge Finals event. This event (video above) was a pivotal moment for Ninja Academy, as it was their first chance to produce compelling, unique content for their event experience.

The video I produced for Ninja Academy follows competitors through their obstacle course during the event. One by one, participants would fall as they fail to summon the strength necessary to progress. The video purposely features rapid cuts and a building soundtrack to suggest a sense of urgency, build tension, and excite the viewer.

Just prior to the televised launch of Australian Ninja Warrior, Ninja Academy desired a brand new website. This new website strived to improve the overall user experience by overhauling the information architecture, and would include a significantly greater amount of images and media to better showcase their facility to visitors. Concluding that the majority of new, potential clientele would discover Ninja Academy on their mobile device while watching the television show, it was crucial to provide a flawless mobile user experience.

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