Bryce Twyman

Anniversary Shoot

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Given Elly and I first met on a photoshoot, it seemed fitting to do another one on our first anniversary.

Initially, we’d planned to cross the mouth of Margaret River to some sand dunes we saw earlier in the day, however that proved to be a little difficult given the depth of the water. The last thing we wanted was for one of us to get swept out to sea.

I didn’t have much light to play with by the time I decided where we should to go next, hence why a few of these photos are blurry.

From a technical perspective, the photos aren’t great. But I do love them.

They’re moments in time, frozen forever. They’re images that bear with them the memories of those present at the time.

That’s what this journal is about.

Girl in Dress near River
Birds Flying
Pointe Shoes
Pointe Shoes
Close up of girl in pointe shoes
Elly Kristen Photoshoot
Vague Silhouette
Elly Kristen Night Photoshoot
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